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David Paul is the given name of an infant found in Meriden, Connecticut on January 2, 1988. His mother was identified as Karen Kuzmak Roche thirty-two years later.


The victim was found by a passerby by a forked tree in a parking lot across from AGC Inc. on Evansville Road in the frigid winter morning. It was determined the infant died of the cold hours after his birth which occurred a week prior.

The South Meriden Police Department adopted the victim and every anniversary of his discovery they would stage a service and later memorials at his grave at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Local clergy named the boy "David Paul" which translates to "God's beloved little man" from Scripture.

Then-Chief of Police Robert Kosienski Sr. speculated the mother was traumatized and she must have had help, possibly by a driver and/or someone who forced her to abandon the child. In 2000, he testified the circumstances of the "David Paul's" death before the state legislative committee, who at the time were considering the passage of the Safe-Haven Law. The law eventually passed.

In January of 2020, detectives used DNA technology to identify the baby. DNA pinpointed towards relatives of the newborn in or near South Meriden. One of the possible suspects was Karen Kuzmak Roche. When Roche was questioned, she confessed to everything. Detectives noticed that she appeared "remorseful" for what she did. DNA confirmed that Roche was the mother of "David Paul" on January 8, 2020.

Roche, then twenty-five years old, confessed to hiding the pregnancy from the father and to delivering "David Paul" at home around 5:30 AM on Dec. 28, 1988. Roughly, one hour later, she drove to the parking lot stashed him at the place where he would be discovered. Afterwards, she claimed to phone a local fire department to report his location. While a phone call on that date was verified, Roche gave scant details so authorities were unable to properly search the parking lot, much less be able to find the infant.

As Roche was honest with investigators and Connecticut has a twenty-year statute of limitations on manslaughter charges, South Meriden Police Chief Jeffry Cossette stated it is unlikely charges will be filed against her.


  • Blond hair.
  • Blue eyes.