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David Warner
David warner.jpgAge-progressed to 42
Age 12
Race White
Sex Male
Location Jefferson City, Tennessee
Disappeared March 2, 1983
Missing for 38 years
Height 5'2
Weight 110 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

David Clayton Warner was a boy who disappeared in 1983. Investigators originally thought he was a runaway, but he is now believed to have been abducted and murdered.


He planned on going to a function at a small independent church a few doors up the street from his home. David went up to the church but didn't go in, then, he went on up the street. He went to Druther's Restaurant in Jefferson City, and got a hamburger. Later, he spent time at a friend's house until 7:00 pm, then told the friend he was going home. The next morning, his family discovered he was not at home, although his bed covers were bundled up in a way that could be viewed as a ploy to make it appear he was in bed.


  • Blond hair.
  • Dark brown eyes.
  • Has epilepsy.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Jeans
  • Black and white Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt.
  • Tennis shoes.