Daytona Beach Jane Doe was a young woman whose partial skeleton was found in Florida in 1980.


Serial killer Gerald Eugene Stano confessed to her murder, along with 40 others. He stated she was a prostitute and had met her during 1978 or 1979. He remembered the victim's clothing, which conclusively linked him to the case.

He was put to death in 1998.


  • Fillings in her teeth contained an outdated metal in the United States, possibly indicating she was from a different country.
    • Some fillings had fallen out, both post and antemortem.
  • Her waistline was likely between 19 1/2" and 25 1/2"
  • Her shoe size was around size 8

Clothing and accessories

  • A red T-shirt
  • Red shorts with blue trim
  • Green shoes
  • White hankercheif
  • $.27



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