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Deanne Bousquet
Deanne Bousquet.jpg
Age 8
Race White
Sex Female
Location The Pas, Manitoba
Disappeared January 25, 1981
Missing for 40 years
Height 4'
Weight 55 pounds
Classification Suspected accident

Deanne Leigh Busquet (Born September 23, 1972) was a child who is believed to have drowned.


On the day of Deanne's disappearance, she and two other children were playing on an icy river. Due to warm water being dumped by the mill, the ice was very thin. Deanne and another child fell through the ice, but Deanne was unable to pull herself out and she was last seen going under the water. The police were called about Deanne's drowning that same day, but she has never been found.


  • Brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.


  • A black balaclava.
  • A blue and white, winter jacket.
  • Blue, winter pants.
  • Brown, rubber boots.