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Deborah A. "Debbie" McCall (born March 30, 1963) was a teenager who went missing in 1979 after leaving Downers Grove North High School. She is a suspected victim of serial killer Bruce Lindahl, and she is his only victim who remains missing. Her latest age progression depicts her at 54.


In January 2020, it was announced authorities believe she may have been a victim of suspected serial killer Bruce Lindahl. He is a suspect in at least nine rapes and twelve murders, including the murders of Pamela Maurer, Debra Colliander, and Charles Huber. After his death in April 1981, authorities found several photographs of young women, including Debbie, inside his home.


  • Brown hair
  • Gray eyes
  • Freckles
  • Crooked upper teeth
  • History of wearing contacts

Clothing and accessories

  • A beige hooded zip-up jacket
  • A sweater
  • Blue jeans
  • Light brown suede shoes
  • A yellow gold necklace



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