Deoung Cheron
Sex Male
Race Asian
Location Grand Rapids, Manitoba
Found May 3, 2003
Unidentified for 15 years
Postmortem interval Hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 30-50
Height approximation 5'7 - 5'8
Weight approximation 176 - 177 pounds
Cause of death Hanging
"Deoung Cheron" was the alias used by an unidentified man who committed suicide in 2003. He also used the names "Seng Dae Park" and "Dung."


Deoung arrived in Grand Rapids, Manitoba, via bus. At 3:30 AM or 3:30 PM, he checked into Room 7 at the Northbrook Inn under the name "Deoung Cheron" and paid in cash. At 6:00 PM, a member of the cleaning staff entered his hotel room, only to find him deceased in his chair. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Deoung gave the hotel a false name and address.

Physical Description

  • Deoung had short, black hair.
  • His eyes were brown.
  • He had a 1 centimeter scar on his left index finger.
  • He had a 4 centimeter scar on his left forearm.
  • It's believed Deoung was of Chinese or Korean descent and not from Manitoba.
    • If Deoung was Korean, he most likely left Korea as a child, as all Korean citizens are fingerprinted once they turn 18.

Clothing and Belongings

  • A green "IZOD" golf shirt in a large size.
  • A "Saint John's Bay" spring synthetic jacket in a large size.
  • Beige "Docker" pants.
  • A brown leather belt.
  • Brown leather shoes.
  • A small black nylon bag containing herbal medication that was prescribed to "Seng Dae Park."
  • A bus ticket stub with the name of the buyer being "Dung."