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Detroit John Doe was a male discovered in an alleyway in 1967. His body had been dumped at the location within a half-hour of its discovery. The cause of his death was not disclosed, although he suffered obvious trauma to his head and potential defensive wounds, based on his available postmortem photos.


  • Short, graying hair.
    • He recently shaved
  • Gray eyes.
  • The right thumb and left large toe were partially amputated (not related to death).
  • Possibly smoked, based on possession of lighter.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light green pullover with stripes.
  • Green corduroy pants.
  • Blue socks.
  • Black waffle-soled shoes.
  • Yellow watch.
    • The crystal setting was not present.
  • $0.51 in coins.
  • Zippo lighter.