"Donald Jones " was the possible name of a man shot and killed by police officers after he and four other suspects (whose identities are known) attempted to rob a hotel in Maryland.


Just after 3:00 AM on November 22, 1969, two men entered a Holiday Inn hotel in Easton, Maryland. One man aimed a shotgun at the clerk, while the other went to the cash register to collect money. Little did the robbers know, a tipster had provided the authorities with information regarding the robbery, and the police had sent a detective to the hotel to catch the robbers in the act. When the detective identified himself, the man holding the gun did what was described as "whirl" and the detective shot him. The other man, later identified as 23 year old Charles West, was arrested moments after. Three other accomplices, 25 year old Joseph Queen, 32 year old Howard Queen II, and 24 year old Charles Deshields, were arrested in a car minutes after the shooting. The decedent was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

About 3 days after his death, the decedent was reportedly identified as 25 year old Donald Jones from Washington D. C. He was reported to have been the cousin of Howard and Joseph Queen. However, the decedent is still listed on NamUs.



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