Duval County Jane Doe
1400UFFL LARGE.jpg
Sex Female
Race White
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Found March, 1, 2016
Unidentified for 4 years
Postmortem interval N/A
Body condition N/A
Age approximation Early to mid 20's
Height approximation Unknown
Weight approximation Unknown, but slim build
Cause of death Suspected homicide

Duval County Jane Doe was an unidentified woman's picture found in the possession of Russell Tillis who is charged with the murder, dismemberment and burial of Joni Gunter, a transient from Florida.


Days after the discovery of Gunter's body, police searched the property of Tillis and found a faded Polaroid photo of an unidentified woman. The picture was not Gunter, and police are still working to find out who she is.

Police believe that Tillis could have abused or killed other young women, particularly drug abusers, prostitutes or women who weren't in regular contact with family, who wouldn't be missed.


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