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Edgar Arroldo was a teenager or young adult found deceased in an alleyway. He died between 1-2 hours prior to being found it's believed he may have hung himself. He was identified via fingerprints in late August 2020. Despite this, next of kin has yet to be located.


  • Brown or black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • His lower lip was pierced with a white-metal stud.
  • He had tattoos on his chest and back; left arm, left hand and right arm, that appear to have been homemade.
    • The tattoo on his back was star-shaped.
    • The tattoo on his right arm was of a small cross.
    • The tattoos on his left hand were "symbols".
    • The tattoo on his chest was a stick figure.
    • The tattoo his left forearm were of a small star and a human figure.
  • Possible burns on his right forearm.

Clothing and accessories

  • He wore a black bracelet with pendants on an unspecified wrist.
  • A black belt.
  • A black shirt of the band Pantera.
  • Medium-sized LS shirt.
  • Black "Levi" jeans.
  • A pair of black "Harley-Davidson" boots with two buckles on the side.




  1. The matter in which the man was found is disputed, but presumed to be a suicide.