Edmonton Jane Joe
Sex Female
Race Metis
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Found September 28, 2006
Unidentified for 12 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
Body condition Unknown
Age approximation 34 - 62 years old
Height approximation 5'5" to 5'6"
Weight approximation 165 lbs.
Cause of death Not stated
Edmonton Jane Doe was a woman who was found near the Edmonton Riverboat Launch on the North Saskatchewan River in 2006.


Little is known about the woman, but medical examiners believed her ethnicity to be a either aboriginal or white, or a mixture of the two, making it likely that she was Metis.

She has a possible connection to Edmonton Jane Doe (2003), as the other unidentified woman was found in a similar location 3 years before.


When found, she was wearing black nylon pants, a black long-sleeved shirt, a white t-shirt, black socks, and hiking footwear. She did not have any jewelery or other personal items.