Edmonton John Doe
Sex Male
Race White/Native American
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Found July 18, 1999
Unidentified for 19 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
Body condition Burned
Age approximation 25 - 40 years
Height approximation 5'8" to 5'10"
Weight approximation Unknown
Cause of death Smoke inhalation

Edmonton John Doe was a male discovered in 1999.


The victim was found in a burned-out garage at 108A Avenue and 97 Street in Edmonton, Alberta. A blanket and pillow were found at the scene, indicating that he might have lived at the residence.

Remains of a blue knit sweater, blue jacket, dark button fly pants - possibly jeans - and cotton briefs were found on the body. No socks or shoes were found at the scene. Dental records, as well as DNA and body x-rays, are available.

Cause of death was indicated to be caused by smoke inhalation, making it likely that he perished in the fire. Whether this fire was determined to be accidental or deliberate, along with whether the date of discovery coincided with the date of when the fire occurred, is unknown.

Currently the only existing record of this case available on the internet, along with the artistic rendering of the victim, is found on the Doe Network. The case was referenced in a forum post among the files listed on the former Alberta Missing Persons website in 2010, which is likely where the information was originally obtained, but it has not been moved to the website for the national database (NCMPUR) that replaced it. As such, it has no current case number, and it is difficult to determine whether this is still an open investigation.