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Elke Kerll was a teenager who went missing in the morning of December 14, 1969 as she was about to drive to her internship site.


On the evening of December 13, 1969, Elke left her parents' apartment to meet up with friends and her new boyfriend, with whom she had been dating for two weeks, at a disco in Nienburg. She hitchhiked the 20 or so kilometers to get there - she reportedly hitchhiked often.

The next morning around 8 a.m. she said goodbye to go to her shift at the children's home in Loccum for her internship. Elke was never seen again.

It could be ruled out on the basis of a DNA match with relatives that a bog body found in 2000 is Elke.


  • Short, dark hair.


  • Green coat.
  • A matching pair of pants.
  • Black shoes with red stripes.