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Ellis is the nickname given to a male whose skeletal remains were discovered in Indiana in 1983. He's one of at least five unidentified victims of serial killer Larry Eyler. The most probable date of his death was estimated to be on or around November 20th, 1982.

In July 2021, Redgrave Research Forensic Services announced that they had taken on his case.


  • Reddish-brown hair.
  • He had previously broken his left femur.
  • Stainless steel tooth caps on teeth #19 and #30.
  • Amalgam restorations on teeth #2, #3, and #12.
  • One of the restored teeth was applied backward.

Clothing and accessories

  • Gray hooded sweatshirt.
  • Levi brand jeans with a brown belt (Size 28").
  • Gray/burgundy socks.
  • Suede athletic shoes in a size 11½.
  • Zippo lighter with the name "ARLENE" engraved on it.





  1. His age is listed on the Doe Network and NamUs as 18-35, although it is acknowledged he was most likely between the ages of 18-26 by Redgrave Research