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Eva Ridall
RidallEva.jpgEva Ridall AgeProgression.jpg
Age 15
Race White
Sex Female
Location Bradenton, Florida
Disappeared May 1, 1977
Missing for 44 years
Height 5'6
Weight 120 - 140 pounds
Classification Not stated

Eva Marie Ridall (born August 23, 1961) was a teenager who went missing in 1977. It is believed that she ran away to Cincinnati, Ohio either by bus or plane and was seen there by a cousin. This cousin reported that Eva planned to travel to California.


  • Dyed blonde hair (naturally light brown).
  • Blue or hazel eyes.
  • Homemade tattoo on one of her ankles, description unknown


Eva may have used the following aliases:

  • First names:
    • Aubrey
    • Natasha
    • Tad
    • Victoria
  • Surnames:
    • Mattingly