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Evelyn was reported missing on August 25th by her adoptive Mother after missing a weekly scheduled visitation with her oldest son on August 23rd, Which was unusual. Through the investigative process sheriffs were able to determine that Evelyn was last at work on August 15th. Several days after she was reported missing, her car was found out of gas and abandoned in the west bound lane of Interstate 70 at mile marker. Her belongings were all still in the vehicle. A search was conducted around the area and yielded no further evidence.


Evelyn Liscence photo

Additional Information:

-Evelyn was married but separated at the time of her disappearance. She had 3 children with her husband who by all accounts was known to be on good terms with her. -Evelyn was known to use Marijuana and Meth. -Evelyn was known to drink heavily at times. -Although there was no history of serious mental illness, Prior to her disappearance Evelyn began experiencing paranoid thoughts. This may or may not

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