Unidentified Wiki
Evelyn Middleton
Age 32
Race Template:White/Hispanic
Sex Female
Location Arvada, Colorado
Disappeared August 15, 2015
Missing for 6 years
Height 5'3
Weight 140 pounds
Classification Template:Susp

Evelyn Dawn-Laree Middleton was reported missing on August 25th by her adoptive Mother after missing a weekly scheduled visitation with her oldest son on August 23rd, which was unusual. Several days later, her vehicle was found out of gas and abandoned on I-70 Westbound close to Vail Colorado. All of her belongings were in the car. A search was conducted around that immediate area and yielded no further evidence or signs of Evelyn.

Additional Information:

  • Evelyn was last physically accounted for on August 15th when she left work at 10pm. Her last Facebook post was on August 17th.
  • Evelyn was married but separated at the time of her disappearance. She had 3 children with her husband who by all accounts was known to be on good terms with her. Close friends and family insist she would never abandon her children willingly.
  • Evelyn was known to use Methamphetamine.
  • Evelyn was known to drink heavily at times.
  • Prior to her disappearance Evelyn began experiencing paranoid thoughts.
  • Evelyn was referred to as "Krickett" by friends and family. She may also go by her maiden name Evelyn Gonzolez.
  • Evelyn may be a victim of human trafficking.