Floyd County John Doe
843UMIN Recon.jpg
Sex Male
Race Black
Location Floyd County, Indiana
Found December 24, 1977
Unidentified for 42 years
Postmortem interval 1 day
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 18 - 25
Height approximation 6'
Weight approximation 155 - 175 pounds
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

Floyd County John Doe was a young man found murdered in 1977 in Floyd County, Indiana.


On December 24,1977 a body of a man was found about a day after his murder.


  • Some teeth were missing.


  • He wore a black shirt.
  • He wore a knit cap with "E" and "D" on the front with red string.
  • He wore a blue sweatshirt.
  • He wore bluish type pants.
  • He had wore white tennis shoes.



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