Frank Albert Haynes (March 2, 1902 - April 1, 1921), previously known as "Some Mother's Boy" was a teenager who was hit by a train in 1921 in Kentucky. He was identified 96 years after his death.


Judging by items found with him, he was likely of middle-class background and may have ties to Chicago. He was one of the oldest cases listed by The Doe Network and NamUs.


In 2017 his body had been exhumed to get a DNA sample. Shortly after two families came forward claiming that the unidentified boy may be their next of kin.

It was confirmed in June 2017 that the body was that of Frank Haynes. It turned out that Frank's family was aware he died in a train accident, but didn't know where his burial site was and had no idea he's been laid to rest in an unmarked grave.


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