George Hawkins
George Hawkins.jpg
Age 46
Race White
Sex Male
Location Newport, Kentucky
Disappeared April 3, 1961
Missing for 60 years
Height 5'7 - 5'9
Weight 190-195 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

George William Hawkins was a male who disappeared from Newport, Kentucky on April 3, 1961. He disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and possibly fell victim to local mobsters.


Hawkins was a constable for the city of Newport, and he also ran a business. There were rumors of corruption; he may have been doing business with local mobsters. His disappearance was possibly the result of retaliation.


Hawkins disappeared on April 3, 1961, while in Newport, Kentucky. He was last heard from at 1:00 PM when he called his family to announce his return to their residence after a business-related meeting.

Four days later, police discovered his vehicle parked at the edge of a river in Dayton, Kentucky. The circumstances of its recovery suggested foul play, as the interior appeared to have been washed with the river water, likely to destroy evidence. Because the keys were left in the ignition, it was unlikely whoever left it at the scene did not intend to return.

In May 2017, Hawkins was compared to the Carroll County John Doe, whose skull was discovered in 1980. To obtain DNA, Hawkins' mother was exhumed, but DNA testing proved inconclusive.


Additional photo

  • He had brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • One leg was slightly shorter than the other.
  • He wore a full set of dentures.


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