Ginger is the nickname given to an unidentified girl found deceased in Altamonte Springs, Seminole County, Florida. She may have been a victim of serial killer Joe Spaziano AKA "Crazy Joe", a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang.


"Ginger's" skeleton was found in a densely wooded area used as a garbage dump near State Route 431 in Altamonte Springs alongside Laura Harberts' body. The location is along Forest City Road and north of Lake Lotus.

A woman reported she saw Spaziano with a young girl with him riding on the back of his motorcycle in the Spring of 1973 at Daytona Beach. The girl asked the witness to hold her purse for safe keeping. The witness never saw the girl again and Spaziano demanded the purse five days later. Before handing it over, she peeked and only remembered the girl was from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Spaziano pled no contest to second-degree murder for Harberts' murder in 1998 but has not been charged in this victim's death and is serving a life sentence for the rape and mutilation of a teenage girl.

Chemical isotope analysis suggests "Ginger" was born in the West to Northwest regions and lived in the Midwest prior to her death. It is speculated "Ginger" may have been a runaway and her birthdate may have been June based off her ring having an alexandrite setting.

Some thought she could have been Cynthia Coon, but dental records showed inconsistencies, as Ginger's teeth were crooked and Coon's were straight. Coon was eventually ruled-out as the victim.


  • Sacralization of the fifth lumbar vertebra.
  • Wavy and shoulder-length light to dark brown hair that was pulled back into a short ponytail held with a rubber band.


  • A white gold ring was found at the scene with an Alexandrite stone. The ring was manufactured and/or sold at Davidson & Son Jewelers in New York City.



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