Girly Chew Hossencofft Cscr-featured
Hossencofft girly3
Age 36
Race Asian
Sex Female
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
Disappeared September 9, 1999
Missing for 19 years
Height 5'1
Weight 95 pounds
Classification Presumed homicide

Girly Chew Hossencofft was a Malaysian-American woman who was murdered in 1999 by her husband and presumably his mistress, Linda Henning.


Girly confided in several of her co-workers that she feared her husband may turn to violence. He had been described to be a "con man" and also had an affair with a woman named Linda Henning. Both were eventually convicted of Girly's murder, although her body has never been located. Henning denies any involvement in the case.

By the amount of blood at the crime scene, it was concluded that a woman of Girly's size could not have survived such an attack.

Media appearances

  • Girly's case was detailed on the television show Snapped.