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Glenn Edward Wilson was a man found dead in Virginia in 2008. He was identified in 2014. He was nicknamed as Yosemite Sam, for the tattoo he wore.


The body of a white male between thirty-five and fifty-five was located on April 5, 2008 in the Sandy River Reservoir in Prince Edward County, Virginia. The man was discovered by fishermen and was already decomposed beyond the point to take fingerprints.



The victim's cause of death was not possible to determine, yet officials believed he was murdered. He had multiple tattoos: one of Yosemite Sam, a bulldog, a feather, bird, a "rebel flag" and a heart containing the words "I Love You Kelsey Always." The man was found wearing jeans, blue swim trunks, a belt, a black shirt and another shirt with a Mickey Mouse decoration with the words "Hang Out Over California." The victim was estimated to be at the height of five feet seven inches tall at a weight of 180 pounds.


Wilson was identified in December 2014. Authorities are currently investigating more about his death, but little information is available.