Goochland Boy is the nickname given to a boy who was found in a duffel bag in Virginia in 1951.


On March 5, 1951, highway workers were cleaning up litter from ditches along State Route 670 near Oilville, 26 miles west of Richmond, when they came across a navy blue army-style duffel bag containing the decomposed body of a young boy.

It was determined the boy had been dead for about a week and was placed inside the bag and dumped about two or three days prior to discovery. It is speculated the boy was killed elsewhere and transported to the site. The boy had no signs of trauma aside from bruising and two cuts on his head possibly received postmortem. His cause of death was never released.


  • Reddish-blond hair.
  • Fair complexion.

Clothing and accessories

  • Tan dungaree pants.[1]
  • Red plaid cardigan sweater-jacket with label reading "Checkers, size 4, J.C. Penney Company." with mismatched bottom button.
  • Tan socks with pink and blue stripes.
  • Striped tan and blue pullover shirt.
  • Well-worn, medium-sized grey finish women's raincoat.



  • Other sources state he wore blue jeans.
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