Grand Forks John Doe is a man who was found murdered in a haystack.


The victim was found in a haystack in the city limits of Grand Forks, North Dakota near the corner of Oak and 9th Avenue with gunshot wounds to the head. He was shot, almost at point-blank range, somewhere else and dumped on the haystack. His shoes were also stolen. The victim was most likely a laborer and it's possible he was a homeless transient as well. For the last two weeks, residents in the area noticed hobos and transients in the area where the haystacks were, likely because the cold weather made the haystacks a warm place to sleep.

The victim is now buried at the Potter's Field in Grand Forks.


  • Sandy hair.
  • Excellent set of false teeth.
  • Recent dental work done or having done, especially in the lower jaw.

Clothing and Accessories

  • Tobacco.
  • Cigarette papers.
  • .44 caliber bullet found in his pocket.


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