Greenbelt John Doe was a young man found deceased in Maryland in 1981. His body was cremated in 1982, but his DNA has since been obtained from a hair sample and submitted into a national database.


The decedent was located in a patch of grass beside the northbound lane of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway by police responding to an anonymous 911 call. His decomposing body was wrapped in a light blue bedspread resembling the type found in hospitals and hotels.

Due to items found on and near his body, police believe he may have been a patient at a local medical facility.


• Kinky, medium-length black hair worn in an afro style

• Clean-shaven

• Long fingernails

• Signs of malnourishment were evident

• His teeth were noticeably crooked and in incredibly poor repair

• His top front teeth were described as "seriously deformed"

Clothing and accessories

  • Near the body:
    • A beige/white straitjacket bearing an unknown medical insignia and the letters "U.S."
  • On the body:
    • Blue jeans
    • ACE™ bandages covering both ankles and the right foot.



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