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Grimes County Jane Doe was a female recovered in 1981 in Texas. Henry Lee Lucas confessed to the victim's murder, claiming her name may have been "Cheryl" and he picked her up in Durham, North Carolina.


A highway worker discovered the victim's body on October 29, 1981. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

Her body was wrapped in a plastic bag also containing a white rag, believed to be the type used in mechanical work. The remains may have been stored at a different location before being deposited at the location, possibly years after her death.

Henry Lee Lucas Confession

In 1984, Henry Lee Lucas confessed to her murder, stating that he drove the victim to the area from Durham, North Carolina, and claiming that her name may have been "Cheryl". He claimed that while he strangled her, his accomplice Ottis Toole beat her in the head with a tire iron. He then led police to the area in which her body had previously been found, stating that he and Toole had dumped her there.

It is known that Lucas and Toole falsely confessed to murders they did not commit through coercion by the police. Lucas would later state he had only killed three people, including his mother in 1960, his girlfriend, and a woman he stayed with during 1982.[1]


  • The victim had red or auburn hair
  • She was right-handed
  • "Extensive" dental care, with 13 fillings

Clothing and accessories

  • Pink bikini-style panties with a black trim were found near the body
  • A $20 gold 1904 coin (possibly a replica) that had been turned into a ring was on the body.



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