Halifax John Doe
Sex Male
Race Black/White
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia
Found October 8, 2004
Unidentified for 14 years
Postmortem interval 5 - 10 days
Body condition Decomposing
Age approximation 18 - 30 years old
Height approximation 5'10" to 5'11"
Weight approximation 161 lbs
Cause of death Suicide by hanging

Halifax John Doe was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area on the grounds of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in early October of 2004.


He was a man of mixed African and European heritage with a dark complexion, athletic build, brown eyes, dark medium-length hair worn in unbraided dreadlocks, and a short beard. Both of his ears had been pierced, but he wore no jewellery. His nose was bent slightly to the left, and he had a fractured bone in his left leg that had not healed properly. His teeth were in good condition, with a slight overbite.

He was wearing a multi-colored dress shirt, a grey Emilio sweater, blue Lee jeans, and newly-purchased beige Timberland boots. Police found a Dorcy flashlight, a small amount of Canadian currency, and a McKinley backpack nearby containing neatly folded clothes. There was also a pair of Dolce & Gabbana glasses found at the scene, belonging to the decedent, of a design that police determined were not available for purchase in the city itself.


After examining the scene (noting the lack of passport, boarding passes, or foreign currency) and reviewing video camera footage of both the airport and the Tim Horton's across the street from where his remains were found, police were unable to say whether he had been a recent arrival in Halifax. Some of the clothing in his backpack -- notably a blue Real Madrid European Football (soccer) jersey -- and his glasses, however, hinted that he may have recently traveled to or was a resident of Europe.

Fingerprint and DNA samples have been taken and are on file with both Interpol and CPIC, in hopes that it may lead to his eventual identification.