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Hamburg Jane Doe is a young woman who was the first discovered victim of the Hamburg Rubble Murderer.


The victim was discovered by playing children on the rubble of an industrial plant on the Baustraße (now Hinrichsenstraße) near Landwehr station. She was found nude and had a millimeter-wide line on her neck which indicated she was strangled with a string.

Between January to February 1947, four unidentified people-two women, a little girl, and an older man-were found nude and strangled. It has been speculated by police all victims were related and the killer, the so-called "Hamburg Rubble Murderer", was a fifth relative. As of today, the case is unsolved and no progress has been made toward identifying the victims.


  • Slender built.
  • Blonde hair of half-length.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Appendectomy scar.
  • Well-groomed.
  • Healthy teeth.