Hamilton John Doe was found floating in Hamilton Bay near the Skyway Bridge and Queen Elizabeth Way in 1978. He is thought to have been in the water for months to years.


The remains had been fully clothed upon discovery. Information regarding the circumstances is otherwise not well known, and is currently under further in-depth investigation. It has been noted by authorities that the man was well into middle-age at the time of death.

Despite original news claiming DNA belonging to this decedent had been entered to the DNA Databank by law enforcement, it turns out that the man's remains had previously been cremated long before DNA could be extracted, so this type of analysis remains unavailable. The only current means of identification at this time fall under dental comparison only, as well as digital records of the skeletal characteristics. Dental charts and other miscellaneous case information are thus now available in the RCMP database for comparison.

2019 developments

In 2019, a tip was submitted to NCMPUR that a possible match exists between the decedent and a man named Mario Palermo, whose last actual known physical location was with his best friend in the city of Hamilton, Ontario in late November to early December in 1977. Analysis yielded the revelation that Mario's case was, in fact, not a match as a result of the John Doe's skeletal findings at the original autopsy.


  • Robust jaws and dentition
  • Impacted wisdom tooth on lower left jaw
  • Silicate/resin restoration to his upper right central incisor
  • Appendix present

Methods of Identification

  • DNA: Unavailable
  • Skeletal: Records available
  • Dental: Charts available


  • He may be Mario PalermoLead processed, turned up negative (ruled out via dental and skeletal comparison)


  • Red wool sweater
  • White shirt
  • Green pants
  • Short brown socks


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