Hampshire County Jane Doe, also known as Granby Girl, was a young female who was found murdered in Granby, Massachusetts in 1978.


The decedent was found off a logging road on Amherst Street in Granby. She had been buried in a shallow grave after being shot in the temple. A brown leather belt was allegedly used to drag her body to the burial site as it had been tied around her neck.

She was laid to rest in West Ceremony with a headstone purchased by the citizens of Granby.


  • Her hair is described as blonde or light brown and long.
  • Noticeable decay on her front teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • A short sleeved shirt with a green collar and green swan on the front (Size 14-16).
  • Bra.
  • Black underwear.
  • Blue sweater vest.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Brown shoes.
  • A yellow metal ring with illegible initials and marked "14K".


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