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Happy Charles
Happy Charles 01.jpg
Age 42
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Disappeared April 3, 2017
Missing for 4 years
Height 5'1" - 5'3"
Weight 113 - 115 pounds
Classification Not stated

Happy Mary Charles (Born 1975) is a middle aged woman who was last seen in the vicinity of PACI High School during the evening. She was regularly in contact with her out of town family and planned to seek treatments for drug addiction.


  • Long, brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • A scar on her upper lip.
  • A scar on her right cheek.
  • A rose tattoo on her right thumb.
  • A thin build.
  • A light complexion.

Clothing and belongings

  • A black baseball cap.
  • Dark framed, prescription glasses.
  • A small, grey, silver locket with a picture of her son inside.
  • A black, long, wool coat.
  • Under her wool coat was a black, leather jacket.
  • Sweatpants.
  • Under her sweatpants were blue, denim pants.
  • White shoes.
  • A large, black backpack that was full.
  • A light coloured purse with long straps.