Harris County John Doe was a man whose decomposing remains were found floating in the Buffalo Bayou.


The decedent was found face down in the south bank of the Buffalo Bayou, which runs through the downtown area of Houston, Texas. He was deemed far too decomposed for an autopsy and was buried in a pauper's field beneath an unmarked grave 5. Only two years later would the now-defunct Houston Press publish a story asking about his identity, though this was fruitless.

In 2007, there was hope that the man could be identified after the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office received a grant allowing them to submit his remains for identification and to determine his cause of death. He was initially identified as Nolan Pruitt, but this has since been unconfirmed.


  • Brown and black hair
  • Wore dentures that contained a serial number and the notation of "EJC 810-56". EJC is possibly a set of initials, while the numbers indicate the date of August 10, 1956.

Clothing and accessories

  • Green and brown striped long sleeve shirt with a pocket on the left upper chest.
  • Khaki pants.
  • White cotton socks.
  • 9A brown shoes with a strap and buckle.
  • Brown, woven, cowboy-type belt buckle.
  • Two combs.


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