Harris County John Doe was a man whose remains where found in Texas. He is believed to be a transient who drowned due to the floods caused by Hurricane Carla.


The victim was discovered 35 feet from Sims Bayou in heavy underbrush and 1/4th a mile east of Manchester Street, Houston. The property the victim was found in was owned by Manchester Terminal and often frequented by transients. The area was flooded by Hurricane Carla, a Category 5 hurricane that caused heavy amounts of damage and flooding in Texas and parts of the Midwest and was responsible for 43 deaths, including this victim. He is now buried at the Harris County Cemetery #2.


  • Greying brown hair that was short and thin.
  • Arthritis on lower back.
  • Possibly a heavy drinker.


  • Green polo shirt.
  • Sweatshirt.
  • Khaki/tan shorts.
  • No shoes were recovered.


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