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Helen Frost
HelenFrost.jpgAge progressed to 52 years old
Age 17
Race White
Sex Female
Location Prince George, British Colombia
Disappeared October 13, 1970
Missing for 50 years
Height 5'6
Weight 100 - 125 pounds
Classification Not stated

Helen Claire Frost (born October 17, 1952) was a teenager who disappeared while taking a walk near her home in Prince George, British Columbia. She also used the aliases Lana Lunn/Lnun and Debbie Soles.


  • Short blonde/brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • A light complexion.
  • Her left eye opens less wide than her right eye.
  • She had a previous pregnancy.


At around midnight on October 13, 1970, Helen left the apartment she shared with her sister for a walk. She failed to return from her walk and was reported missing to police two days later on October 15.

An extensive search of the area was conducted without any success. Helen has had no contact with any of her family members since her disappearance. When she disappeared, she may have been upset as she just had given her baby up for adoption. She was not involved with drugs or criminal activity but was a frequent hitchhiker.

Investigators have no reason to suspect foul play.


  • 3/4 length, navy blue coat with a furry-trimmed hood.
  • Blue slacks.