Henrico County John Doe
2014 01683b
Sex Male
Race White/Hispanic
Location Highland Springs, Virginia
Found January 28, 2014
Unidentified for 6 years
Postmortem interval Unknown
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 25 - 35
Height approximation 4'8 - 5'3
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Not stated(S)
Henrico County John Doe was a man found deceased in Virginia in 2014.

Clothing and accessories

  • 'Spongebob Squarepants' blanket.
  • Boxer shorts.
  • A rubber bracelet with "Jumpology" written on it:
    • These bracelets were given out from a local business in Glen Allen, Virginia named Jumpology. It was a trampoline park which has since rebranded to "Defy" in late 2019. Bracelets were given to patrons who had paid and signed a waiver to enter the park.



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