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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Hillsborough County John Doe was a male whose burned, dismembered body parts were found in a trash incinerator in Florida.


The decedent's head and partial torso were discovered on a conveyer belt connected to a trash incinerator that belonged to the city of Tampa. The body parts were extensively burned, leaving behind almost no information with regard to this individual's distinguishing physical characteristics, save for general demographic information, such as race and sex.

The dismemberment had been carried out using a saw, which resulted in the amputation of the extremities and the lower torso. These body parts have presumably never been recovered. In accordance with practices regarding the incineration of trash at the facility, it seems as if the remains had been dumped at the location, either by a private person or a garbage truck, within a day of the discovery, with the actual death of the decedent taking place roughly 2 days prior.