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Holly Glynn
Name Holly Jo Glynn
Sex Female
Found September 20, 1987
Location Dana Point, California
Missing from Whittier, California
Identified May 2015
Span 27 years
Age 21
Cause of death Suicide by jumping

Holly Jo Glynn (September 11, 1966 - September 20, 1987), previously known as the Dana Point Jane Doe was a young woman who jumped to her death in Dana Point, California in 1987. She was identified in May 2015.


Dana Point Jane Doe

NCMEC reconstruction of Holly

The Jane Doe was seen alive and took a cab to the location where she later killed herself. The young woman had a map with a cab company's phone number, a can of Coke, a pack of cigarettes and a purse with the name "Carol Pinkham," who was later found alive and stated her purse was stolen in 1975 by an unknown person.

The Jane Doe had very little money with her when she died. She had asked the cab driver to take her as far as $18 could take her and she had only coins in the purse. She also had second-hand clothing, which also suggested she was impoverished.

After she remained unidentified for a long period of time, she was later cremated and buried at sea.


Holly was identified through DNA after friends of hers were unable to find her years after they graduated. Unsolved Mysteries later confirmed that there was a match between the Dana Point Jane Doe and Holly Glynn.



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