"Hope" was an unidentified victim of Hurricane Camille found in 1969. The hurricane had hit their area late on August 17 of that year. She was discovered alongside two other women, and it is likely that the three knew one another.


"Hope" was discovered with two other unidentified women in an apartment complex, with one possibly found near or in city hall in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille. It is believed that the women may have known each other and might have been friends. Hurricane Camille was a Category 5 hurricane that hit the Gulf and Eastern US Coast and killed 259 people, including these three women, seven unidentified people in Nelson County, Virginia and a man in Albermarle County, Virginia.

The three women are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Gulfport, Mississippi. Memorial services are held for them on the anniversary of Hurricane Camille’s landfall.  

Clothing and Accessories

  • White blouse.
  • Green slacks.
  • Black rubber boots.


  • She may be one of three women who went missing after Hurricane Camille that were in Pass Christian, Mississippi: Zoe Matthews, Mary Louise Smith, and Mary M. Smith.


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