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Hope Waddell  was a woman whose burned remains were discovered in Denver, Colorado in 1983. She was identified on October 16, 2019, but her identity was not publicly disclosed on May 10, 2020.


Her body was discovered on February 3, 1983 near a dumpster behind 2350 South Jason Street in Denver. She was murdered by strangulation and had been set on fire after her death. It was determined she had died between months and over a year before her remains were discovered.

Waddell was estimated to be between the ages of 40 and 60 when she was killed. Her actual age has not been disclosed. Her identification was the result of genetic genealogy research. Her murder is still under investigation.


  • Graying, light brown hair.
  • She had worn upper dentures.
  • Surgical wire in her chest.
  • A 9-inch vertical abdominal scar.
  • History of childbirth.
  • Her uterus and ovaries had been surgically removed during life.