Irma Murdock
Irma Murdock.jpg
Age 32
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
Disappeared June 16 or 24, 2000
Missing for 21 years
Height 5'2"
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Not stated

Irma Lynn Murdock (born August 12, 1967) was a woman who may have traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia to work in the sex trade, but her whereabouts are unknown. She is known to use the names Sharon Valerie Peterson, Lisa Ann Flett, and Lynn Murdock. She may have spelled her last name as Murdoch.


  • Short, brown or black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Pierced ears.
  • History of childbirth.
  • Two scars:
    • A one inch "square" scar on her right forearm.
    • A three inch scar on her left forearm.
  • Several tattoos:
    • "CT" on her chest.
    • A rose on her upper back.
    • A heart on her left hand.
    • "Sexy" on her right calf.
    • "He" and "Ruf" on her left calf.


  • She may have been a victim of Robert Pickton


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