Jackson County Jane Doe was a female discovered on an island in Pascagoula, Mississippi.


The woman's body was found partially buried in a dune on Horn Island, located in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her leg was the only exposed portion of the body, which was in a supine position with the arms folded across the chest, and the head turned to one side. A blanket was in place beneath the body, and it was folded to support the skull.

Following her autopsy, pathologists were still working towards determining the cause of death and when she died. No further information is available. It is known, however, that the body had not drifted to the location from the nearby body of water.

Missing persons from Florida, Rhode Island, North and South Dakota, and Texas were compared to the woman early into the investigation. All were later excluded.

Her body was photographed at the time, but the images are described to be of low quality.


  • Long brown hair.
  • Teeth in perfect condition.
  • No apparent signs of abnormalities or injuries to her bones.


  • A pair of slacks.
  • Photographs of the body possibly depict additional clothing, although its description is unavailable.



  1. Newspaper coverage states the body was found on December 31, 1971, where NamUs lists January 1, 1972, as the date of discovery.
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