Jackson County John Doe, also known as Keene Creek Boy was a toddler who was discovered in 1963 in Jackson County, Oregon.


The child's body was found wrapped in a blanket by a fisherman. His cause of death was confirmed as a homicide by the Jackson County Police Department.


  • The boy may have had Down Syndrome or a similar disability.
  • He had long, sandy blond to light brown hair.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing was likely purchased at JC Penney.

  • Red long-sleeved shirt with thin white stripes.
  • Gray corduroy pants with elastic waist and a buckle.
  • A cloth diaper with blue diaper pins.
  • White anklet socks
  • White walker shoes known as "Jumping Jacks". Possibly purchased at Norris Shoe Store in downtown Medford, Oregon.




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