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Jacob Bowling or Fasey Lee Chernesi were the possible names of a man found dead in 2020. He was identified in 2020.


The decedent was found unresponsive in a hotel bathroom in Harlem, New York. He may have gone by the names Jacob Bowling or Fasey/Casey Lee Chernesi.

An internet sleuth located a Facebook profile for a man named Jacob Bowling, who supposedly resided in Wilmington, Delaware. The profile contained a photograph of a man highly resembling the decedent, who was wearing clothing remarkably similar to the clothing the decedent was found wearing. The user only had one friend in his profile, a man from New York. It is unknown whether this was the decedent or not.


  • Bald.
  • Thinly trimmed beard.
  • Multiple monochromatic tattoos on his chest, arms, and back.

Clothing and accessories

  • Navy blue beanie.
  • Navy blue t-shirt reading "In Defense Of Honor".
  • White athletic shorts with gray stripes.
  • Navy blue canvas sneakers.
  • Black and brown handmade braided necklace.