Jaliek L. Rainwalker, also known as "Jay," was a young boy who disappeared in 2007. He left a note suggesting he left on his own accord, yet police now suspect suicide or foul play in his disappearance and have not ruled out his adoptive parents as possible persons of interest. His latest age progression depicts him at 14.


Rainwalker disappeared under suspicious circumstances, although it was thought he had initially run away. He had previous behavioral problems, and had allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of one of his caretakers. He had been raised in a dysfunctional household by his adoptive parents, and he had been born with drug addictions that were passed on by his biological mother.

In 2017 the skull fragments initially stated to be of a preteen male was discovered along the Hudson River, along with some clothing. It was suspected that the skull might be Rainwalker, however further testing indicated that the skull actually belonged to the adult man, thereby excluding Jaliek.


  • Curly, light brown hair with blond highlights.
  • Green eyes.
  • Moles on his back.
  • Rhotacism, which affected his pronunciation of the letter "R."
  • An unspecified mental illness.


  • A yellow pullover made of fleece.
  • A gray tee shirt with a dragon graphic.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Black shoes.


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