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Jamel Williams
Jamel montrice williams 1.jpgProgressed to 27
Age 3
Race White/Black
Sex Male
Location Lucas County, Ohio
Disappeared May 25, 1994
Missing for 27 years
Height 3'
Weight 30 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Jamel Montrice Williams was a child who disappeared in 1994 under suspicious circumstances.


On August 3, 1990, a child was born and given the name of Jamel Montrice Williams. On May 25th of 1994, he went missing from his apparent home. When investigators came in, there were no clues backing up that the child had ever lived in this apartment. They furthered their investigation by asking every neighbor if there was ever a child living in that apartment, however, these stated that they had never seen or heard a kid.

Investigators asked for DNA samples for them to compare any remains that could be found, but his mother and her live-in boyfriend refused to give it because they were upset at being treated as suspects. 

He was raised by his mother's live-in boyfriend whom a year later was accused of domestic violence, aggravated menacing, criminal trespass and criminal damaging. 

Up to this day, the case remains unsolved.


  • Blond hair.
  • Blue eyes.