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Jane Doe B-10
Sex Female
Race White
Location King County, Washington
Found March 21, 1984
Unidentified for 35 years
Postmortem interval 1+ years
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 12-18
Height approximation 5'2 - 5'9
Weight approximation 110 - 130 pounds
Cause of death Strangulation

Jane Doe B-10 is one of three unidentified Green River victims.


The Jane Doe's skeletal remains were found on March 21, 1984. She had died a year or more before, sometime in the early 1980s. Gary Ridgway, who was a formerly unidentified serial killer, stated he had strangled the victim and had picked her up near the Pacific Highway South, indicating she could have been a runaway/hitchhiker or possibly a prostitute. Ridgway thought she was in her early 20s, but it is believed that Jane Doe B-10 was under 19.

Physical characteristics

  • Decomposition prevented assessment of eye color
  • Some sources state her hair was brown, where others state it was undetermined.
  • She was likely left-handed.
  • She had a healed injury to the front of the left side of her skull.



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