Janice Desjarlais
Janice Desjarlais.jpg
Age 35
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Fort McMurray, Alberta
Disappeared October 1, 2010
Missing for 10 years
Height 5'6 - 5'9
Weight 240 - 260 pounds
Classification Suspected accident

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Janice Cher Desjarlais (Born 1974), who was also known as Jazz and/or Jazzy, was a young woman who disappeared after seeking shelter in a dumpster.


  • Long, black or brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Heavy build.
  • A scorpion is tattooed on her right leg.


  • Black jacket with a Panther logo on the back.
  • Black pants.


In the early morning of October 1, 2010, Janice and her boyfriend climbed into a dumpster behind the Center of Hope on Franklin Avenue. Neither of them had a fixed address and they intended on sleeping in the dumpster. Around 7:30 A.M., Janice's boyfriend left the dumpster to go to a nearby McDonald's restaurant.

At 8:22 A.M., the dumpster was picked up by a garbage truck and had its contents emptied into the back of the truck. Janice's boyfriend returned at 8:30 A.M. Before he concluded that the dumpster was emptied while Janice was still in it, he searched the area and places she frequented.

Janice was reported missing two days after her disappearance. Video surveillance footage confirmed that Janice's boyfriend left the dumpster, but Janice never did and nobody else was caught getting into or getting out of the dumpster. Despite a mass excavation of a landfill lasting from October 5 to October 14, Janice was never found.


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