Jason Jolkowski Cscr-featured
Jolkowski jason JJ36
Age 19
Race White
Sex Male
Location Omaha, Nebraska
Disappeared June 13, 2001
Missing for 17 years
Height  6'1
Weight  160 - 165 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Jason Jolkowski disappeared on June 13, 2001. He was walking towards his old high school to meet a coworker for a ride. She never saw him and surveillance footage from the school showed that Jolkowski never arrived. Foul play is suspected in his case.

His family founded Project Jason, a non-profit assisting families of missing people, in 2003.



Progressed to 31

At the time of his disappearance, Jason Jolkowski was working at Fazoli's in Omaha and attending community college in nearby Iowa.

Jolkowski was scheduled off on the day of June 13, 2001, but was called into work due to a lack of staff at Fazoli's.

His car was in the shop for repairs due to a recent hailstorm. He initially planned to walk the considerable distance to Fazoli's but later made arrangements for a ride to work.

Thinking it would be too difficult to give directions directly to his house, they agreed to meet at Benson High School, where they had both graduated from. Jolkowski was last seen taking trash cans back inside before proceeding to the school. The school was 8 blocks from his house.

His co-worker never saw him. She went to a nearby gas station to call Fazoli's and then returned to work. Jolkowski was not seen arriving at the school when the school's surveillance footage was reviewed.

He was planning to begin another job as a DJ a week later. He had no more than $60 with him at the time of his disappearance. He has never used his cell phone, accessed his bank account or picked up his car from the shop.