Jay is the possible name of an unidentified man who was found deceased in the South Glenmore Park.


  • Short, black hair with frosted tips.
  • Healthy teeth.
  • A dark complexion.


  • A blue and red, winter jacket.
  • A black, leather jacket.
  • A light coloured shirt.
  • Blue, denim pants with a faded, medium colour.
  • Blue and white Nike shoes.


  • A black backpack.
  • Two key tags with the name "Jay."
  • An airplane tag.
  • A silver watch.
  • A cassette player with ear buds and a black case attached to a lanyard.
  • An English/Korean bible with the name "Jay" written on the inside.
  • A  rubber stamp with Chinese characters that translated to the name Han Zhengxun, Han Zheng Isao, or Han Jeong-hoon.
  • Three pins:
    • A Canadian flag.
    • A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer riding a horse with a maple leaf in the background.
    • A circular pin reading "who is the minority in Canada?" with four racial caricatures inside.



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